Saturday, October 15, 2011

Uncrafty and Impatient

I am not very crafty.

Nor am I very patient.

What I am though, is VERY cheap.

So last night I saw this infinity scarf tutorial by way of W at Pretty Life Anonymous.

Morgan sewed her scarf but I cant sew. Like, at all. Really, my mom asked me to not touch the machine because I make bad things happen. W hot glued hers but I'm at Prince Charmings and he doesn't own a glue gun. So I decided to take a trip to the craft store and improvise!

I managed to score 3 remnants of Jersey that were big and less than $3 each.
I also picked up a bottle of fabric glue.

So I set out to make a scarf while Prince Charming was at work but I encountered a couple problems.
1. Prince Charming only owns scissors that MIGHT cut through paper if you prayed real hard. Forget about fabric.
2. The fabric glue has a 24 hour dry time which is not real conducive to wearing it out that night.

Well so my lines were not straight when I cut but I did glue in straight lines so its not noticeable. The glue thing was a big deal though. My whole outfit for meeting PC out after work hinged on a scarf. One that wouldn't glue my hair together in clumps from the still tacky glue.

So I got out the hairdryer.

I spent 30 minutes blow drying all the glue until it was dry enough to wear. It may have been silly but it was effective!

I made those sweet earings and borrowed that cool white t from my 6 year old
PC gave me a kiss and told me he was proud of my scarf.

The best craft projects should always end with a kiss.

p.s. Im making 2 more today.


Tinfoils Tiaras said...

Haha like you I can't sew, I'm impatient and not very crafty but I am very impressed with your infinity scarf- I love the pattern!

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