Sunday, November 13, 2011

Work is... well, hard work.

Who woulda thought right? Whew!

So working 2 jobs, managing 2 kids, and dealing with all of life's every day issues has left me EXHAUSTED.

A fulfilling sort of exhausted though.

If there is such a thing.

My new job is hard! I have alot of products, in alot of colors to learn and alot of policies to memorize, and A LOT of employee names to keep track of. I'm catching on though and the people I work with are pretty great which makes the hard work worth it.
And that gi-nor-mus paycheck I got wasn't too shabby either.

I haven't had much time for anything that could be construed as fun or sociable for the last couple weeks.

I did meet Prince Charming for a drink on Friday. Unfortunately I was so tired that I was just sort of in a daze. In true Prince Charming fashion, he completely understood and rattled on and on about how proud he is of his intelligent, boo coo bucks earning girlfriend. He told anyone who would listen.

I haven't had time for pictures or blogging(writing or reading) but I assure you, my outfits for work have been mostly EPIC.

Today is a glorious day off so I took some photos.

Breakdown: White Ruffled Shirt - Thrifted, Grey Tank - Target, Leggings - Old Navy,
Scarf - Garage Sale, Boots - Old Navy, Earrings - Clairs

Monday, October 24, 2011

The Good, The Bad, and The Thrifted

I try not be be a negative Nancy, especially on Mondays. But today its proving to be a little difficult.

The Good
I got a job at a little store called Old Navy. Do you know what this means?
a. More dolla's for Christmas giving.
b. A hefty employee discount on merch and boy do they have some SA-WEET stuff for their fall/winter collection.
I have to go in this afternoon for orientation and training videos and such.
Boy do I hope they have the talking Old Navy Manikins in the training videos.

Also, HR from another company is calling my references today after an interview Friday that went well. This means:
a. a full time job
b. its right around the corner from where my boys live when they are with their dad, AND across the street from my favorite donut shop.
c. a swanky job title that doesn't mean much but sounds VERY important.

The Bad
The radiator in my car decided to take a dump last night on the highway with the kids in the car. I managed to limp to a gas station parking lot which is good.
The worst part?
It looks like someone with a hitch backed into me and hit the radiator and that's what caused the problem. I'm not exactly sure when this might have happened. But hopefully I didn't do more damage than just the radiator.
I've done a bit of praying about that.
The silver lining is that I have three wonderful men in my life who are going to help me out. My Stepdad, Prince Charming, and my Ex-husband.
Its a wonderful feeling to have people who love you and you can lean on when things go horribly wrong.

The Thirfted
Have I mentioned that I cannot sew?
Well I cant.
But my little sister can. A whole lot better than me.

So I found these great "Merlot" colored cords at the thrift store. They were flared legs however and I desperately wanted skinny pants.
So my sister came to my rescue and sewed them up into skinny leg pants.
Shes such a doll huh?

One leg skinny and one leg wide

My sister snapped this quick picture in the kitchen for me.

The breakdown: 
Red Cords: Thrifted, White shirt: Thrifted, Boots: Free! 
Red Bag: Thrifted, Black Belt: Thrifted, Necklace: Meijer?

Meet Virginia Design

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

And I'm the Crazy One?

My dad is old.

And he forgets EVERYTHING.

He seriously thinks my sister and I are like 13 and 17 still. That is made very creepy based on the fact that we're both mothers now.

But he has this way of trying to pin the crazy on you.

He is crazy, and old, and forgetful but he tries to make it seem like its YOU who is crazy or forgetful.

"Your step mom says bring pasta salad to the lake this weekend."

"Im coming to the lake this weekend?"

"Um yes. Dont you remember us all talking about it[52 weeks ago]? And we said we'd let you know what to bring. So, pasta salad."

"Uh.... er... well... I mean... I was actually planning to...."

"Ok then! we'll see you Saturday!" And then he hangs up before I can protest.

Do you know what just happened there? We might have talked about it at SOME POINT in the last year. He remembers that much. And when we vaugely discussed it at some point, it became concret in his head. But he forgot to inform anyone else.
So I frequently get these "Did you know we're going to dads for dinner???" phone calls from my sister.
She will read this and know exactly what Im talking about.

So tonight I got a phone call from dad.

"You remember Im picking up the boys on Friday right?"

"Uhhhh.... what?"

"Remember we talked about going to that farm a different day? And you said Collin gets home from school at 4:30 so I'll be there to pick them up Friday."

Hold the phone. We talked about going to the farm a different day. WE! Like all of us. And now I'm univited AND you're stealing my babies AND youre trying to make it seem like this was the obvious plan all along to make it look like I forgot like you ALWAYS DO?!
"Yep see you Friday Dad"

We mostly have just learned to let it go.
Yeah yeah, We're the crazy ones.
Its cool.

So in any case, I found this precious Eating Machine on the kitchen floor today...

So we took a photo!

Breakdown; Shirt-Old Navy Thirfted, Pants-American Eagle Thrifted, Belt-Thrifted, Boots-Meijer, Necklace-Walmart

I enjoy how he was trying to hook his toes in my belt and strangle me with my necklace the entire time.

Thats Love.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Uncrafty and Impatient

I am not very crafty.

Nor am I very patient.

What I am though, is VERY cheap.

So last night I saw this infinity scarf tutorial by way of W at Pretty Life Anonymous.

Morgan sewed her scarf but I cant sew. Like, at all. Really, my mom asked me to not touch the machine because I make bad things happen. W hot glued hers but I'm at Prince Charmings and he doesn't own a glue gun. So I decided to take a trip to the craft store and improvise!

I managed to score 3 remnants of Jersey that were big and less than $3 each.
I also picked up a bottle of fabric glue.

So I set out to make a scarf while Prince Charming was at work but I encountered a couple problems.
1. Prince Charming only owns scissors that MIGHT cut through paper if you prayed real hard. Forget about fabric.
2. The fabric glue has a 24 hour dry time which is not real conducive to wearing it out that night.

Well so my lines were not straight when I cut but I did glue in straight lines so its not noticeable. The glue thing was a big deal though. My whole outfit for meeting PC out after work hinged on a scarf. One that wouldn't glue my hair together in clumps from the still tacky glue.

So I got out the hairdryer.

I spent 30 minutes blow drying all the glue until it was dry enough to wear. It may have been silly but it was effective!

I made those sweet earings and borrowed that cool white t from my 6 year old
PC gave me a kiss and told me he was proud of my scarf.

The best craft projects should always end with a kiss.

p.s. Im making 2 more today.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Forced Man Thrifting

"Get up! Get up! Get up!" I sang as I bounced on the bed next to Prince Charming.

"UUuuggghhhh....." He moaned half awake.

"Come on! I want to go get coffee and go to Goodwill. PU-LEASE COME WITH ME!"

"UGH ugh ugh" He was making his morning noises. "Ok ok...*unintelligible mumbling* pants."

"Huh?" I said scrunching up my face.

"I'll be down in a minute."

"Yay!" I yelled jumping off the bed and running down the stairs.

"We have to stop at my moms too." He called after me.

We finally made it to the car and I secured us 2 steamy cups of black coffee at the nearest gas station before we were officially on our way.

"Where did you want to go?" He asked, clutching his paper cup of coffee.

"I was thinking the Goodwill on Lakewood because its HUGE. Even though its always full of the naughtiest little kids EVAR. The one on South Washington is good and the employees are nice but its sooooo small." I said, rambling.

I could feel him rolling his eyes next to me. Rolling them Hard.

"Have you been to Bibles for Mexico? Lakewood is always so picked over and Bibles for Mexico is right around the corner at this next light."

"I guess I can try that." I said. "My stepdad always talks about how much he likes it."

He gave me some directions and we pulled up in front of a large-ish thrift store.

And boy if you like old lady clothes, THIS is the joint for you!

I did manage to get a few things including this red checkered shirt. All while Prince Charming sat in a chair looking very much like he was napping. He didn't look like he was enjoying this.

I may make him go back out with me today and force him to enjoy himself!

The Breakdown: Checkered Shirt;Thrifted Jacket;Thrifted Jeggings;Thrifted Boots;Meijers

Meet Virginia Design

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Serenity Now!





"But mooooommmm!"
But mom nothing.
God grant me the serenity

"He started it!"
Well dont make me finish it.
To accept the things I cannot change

"He said booty!"
Once again, booty is NOT a bad word.
courage to change the things I can

"He took my sword/truck/nerf gun/toolbox/book/etc."
If you don't give it back I'll make it mine.
and the wisdom to know the difference.

I've finally sent the children to breakfast with Grandpa.
Where they can argue over sugar packets and crayons.
And someone else can handle it for an hour.

Its been a looooong week with Collin being grounded from all things electronic. This means he has more free time to torture his brother. And he looks less busy so his brother can torture him also.
I've literally be reciting the serenity prayer in my head in a continuous loop for 3 days now.
The weather has been beautiful one more time so instead of fighting in the house, they can argue outside also.
Over dirt, and bricks, and whose pet worm that is.

I'm taking an hour to sit on the patio, with a cup of coffee and Wilson the dog, to soak up the quiet. No one is yelling my name, or throwing clean laundry on the floor, or attempting to eat 8 popcicles in the time it takes me to use the bathroom.

Its amazing what little things can make a world of difference after a week like this.

(Brotherly torture in progress)

Friday, October 7, 2011

Comment Issues

My sister brought to my attention that there was an issue with trying to leave a comment.

I looked into it finally and realized it had everything to do with the change in layout. So out of mind numbing frustration we have reverted back to the old layout for the time being.

If you tried to comment I'm sorry you couldn't but now you should be able to.

Also, I switched to Google Chrome and my internet life has improved drastically. I'll go back to normal posting tomorrow.