Monday, October 24, 2011

The Good, The Bad, and The Thrifted

I try not be be a negative Nancy, especially on Mondays. But today its proving to be a little difficult.

The Good
I got a job at a little store called Old Navy. Do you know what this means?
a. More dolla's for Christmas giving.
b. A hefty employee discount on merch and boy do they have some SA-WEET stuff for their fall/winter collection.
I have to go in this afternoon for orientation and training videos and such.
Boy do I hope they have the talking Old Navy Manikins in the training videos.

Also, HR from another company is calling my references today after an interview Friday that went well. This means:
a. a full time job
b. its right around the corner from where my boys live when they are with their dad, AND across the street from my favorite donut shop.
c. a swanky job title that doesn't mean much but sounds VERY important.

The Bad
The radiator in my car decided to take a dump last night on the highway with the kids in the car. I managed to limp to a gas station parking lot which is good.
The worst part?
It looks like someone with a hitch backed into me and hit the radiator and that's what caused the problem. I'm not exactly sure when this might have happened. But hopefully I didn't do more damage than just the radiator.
I've done a bit of praying about that.
The silver lining is that I have three wonderful men in my life who are going to help me out. My Stepdad, Prince Charming, and my Ex-husband.
Its a wonderful feeling to have people who love you and you can lean on when things go horribly wrong.

The Thirfted
Have I mentioned that I cannot sew?
Well I cant.
But my little sister can. A whole lot better than me.

So I found these great "Merlot" colored cords at the thrift store. They were flared legs however and I desperately wanted skinny pants.
So my sister came to my rescue and sewed them up into skinny leg pants.
Shes such a doll huh?

One leg skinny and one leg wide

My sister snapped this quick picture in the kitchen for me.

The breakdown: 
Red Cords: Thrifted, White shirt: Thrifted, Boots: Free! 
Red Bag: Thrifted, Black Belt: Thrifted, Necklace: Meijer?

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Anjali Mohlajee said...

Love the color of those pants! I'm trying to do more sewing and altering myself but sometimes I still ask my mom really nicely if she'd help

Sarah Grecco said...

Why don't you send your crafty little sister over to me so I can change my purple wide leg pants into skinny pants??? HAHA. You scored on the sister front!! Love those pants so much!!

Get Up & Go

two birds said...

i hope your car isn't worse than you thought! and good luck with the new job! and those pants...fabulous. i love the color and i agree that they look much better as skinnies. so cute! what a great sister!

Jenni Wells - Stop Making Sense said...

Congratulations on the job!! And hey, at least you have those pants!!

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