Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sophisticated Couple

I met my best friend for a date at the park. Shes really one of the most lovely, sweet girls ever. But she really thinks Prince Charming and I are a completely different couple than we are.

A sophisticated couple.

"I sometimes look at couples and wonder what the heck they have to talk about.", she randomly stated.
"How do you mean?" I inquired.
"Well, like I see you and B and I can imagine the kinds of conversations you have but some people have NOTHING in common. What do they talk about?" she explained.
I choked on my coffee a bit.
"You can Imagine what B and I talk about? Oh dear, I doubt that."
"No no" she went on. "I'm sure you guys talk about really cool music and the environment and stuff."
I was trying to not laugh. I was recalling a 30 minute long conversation we had about writing the Parker Brothers a strongly worded letter about Monopoly rules. Not the company. The brothers specifically. About a game. That hasn't changed in decades. 30 minutes of this.
And that's no where NEAR the weirdest one.
This morning in bed we had a conversation about be becoming a Reggae singer. About what I would call myself. How I would dress. These were are first words to eachother this morning. I don't listen to Reggae music.
I didn't have the heart to tell her how weird we are. How NOT grown up we are. How we giggle constantly about farts.

I cant wait to tell Prince Charming how sophisticated we are. It should inspire plenty of impressively sophisticated conversation I'm sure.

A dreary fall day called for some warm comfy clothes.

The Breakdown: Sweater-Target, Jeggings-Thrifted, Keen shoes-hand me down from Prince Charmings son, Necklace-Some shop in Chicago, Paper Earring's-Handmade from a tutorial I cant find but will write if you want it.


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