Thursday, September 29, 2011

Rain Rain Go Away

The weather here in Michigan has taken a turn.

Its cold.
Its rainy.
Its generally miserable.

This is not the beautiful part of fall with the crisp air and changing leaves.

On the bright side, I baked these to warm up the house.
I added blueberries instead of nuts.
The kids have been OBSESSED with them.
They would be even better if you added a little streussel topping to them.

Also, a mood lifter is that I'm going to see a favorite local band tonight Delilah Dewylde & The Lost Boys at my favorite Brewery, Founders Brewing.

Since the weather is Ultra Yucky some good dancing will improve my mood, and my fun "going dancing outfit" is exciting for me too!

The Breakdown: White Ruffled Shirt-Thrifted, Jeggings-Thrifted, Yellow Scarf-Target, Tall Black Boots-A gift at a festival? Purple Wool Coat-Bought by my Mom in 1981 and given to me last year, Houndstooth Hat-Salvaged from the back of Prince Charmings closet.

So sorry about the burrrr behind me but I don't know that I'm prepared to show you the disaster zone that my room is while I redecorate.

I hope the sun is out at your house.

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Rj and Emily said...

Your muffins are yummy!

Erica Louise said...

nothing like a bit of baking on cold gloomy days. Nice outfit!

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