Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I'm back!

And you're not getting rid of me.

After some health issues and some situational depression in the spring I needed to take some time off and figure out where I was going in life.

I told my sister that this was like apologizing to a friend for not calling for 6 months.

Which reminds me. I need to make a couple phone calls after this.

Sooo In any case, heres the update in a nutshell!
  • My nephew Keegan was born at the end of March. Hes a doll. 
  • I quit the dating game because well... its hard and scary, and I was terrible at it anyways. 
  • I lost something like 20lbs and became a thriftaholic.
  • At some point, almost without me noticing, Prince Charming and I reconciled.
So Im back and ready to blog. Ive been following some of you.
Under cover.
Ninja style.
Creepy stalker like.

So can we be friends again? With all the honesty, and love, and icecream eating that comes along with it?

I think I'll like being back.


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