The Players

This is me.
My friends call me Nic.
Im a single mother of 2 beautiful little boys.
A little quirky and occasionally hilarious.
Im learning to take life by the reins and make it my own.

This is Collin
My Oldest and the first love of my life.
He's 6, a First Grader with some killer reading skills, and just as stong minded as his mommy but very much his fathers son.

This is Jack
The second love of my life.
He is 3 years old and never quits moving.
He is my snuggler and my baby.

My other half, Brad.
Hes a wildly opinionated and compassionate musician.
A single father of his own two boys and my best friend.

My Mom and Step Dad
If it looks like they are looney, fun loving folks, its because they are.
They let us live upstairs.

My Step mom and Dad
Shes fun loving. Hes old and cranky.
Just kidding dad! Sort of.

The third(but surely not final) love of my life.
This is my nephew Keegan and my first forray into "Aunt-hood"
Let me tell you, it is AWESOME.
And so is he!

The siblings who made me an Aunt!
My sister Emily and brother in law RJ.
An ex military family adjusting to civillian life.
They have an uncanny knack for knowing exactly when we're putting dinner on the table here.
A 6th sense or super human sense of smell?
We arnt quite sure.