Wednesday, October 19, 2011

And I'm the Crazy One?

My dad is old.

And he forgets EVERYTHING.

He seriously thinks my sister and I are like 13 and 17 still. That is made very creepy based on the fact that we're both mothers now.

But he has this way of trying to pin the crazy on you.

He is crazy, and old, and forgetful but he tries to make it seem like its YOU who is crazy or forgetful.

"Your step mom says bring pasta salad to the lake this weekend."

"Im coming to the lake this weekend?"

"Um yes. Dont you remember us all talking about it[52 weeks ago]? And we said we'd let you know what to bring. So, pasta salad."

"Uh.... er... well... I mean... I was actually planning to...."

"Ok then! we'll see you Saturday!" And then he hangs up before I can protest.

Do you know what just happened there? We might have talked about it at SOME POINT in the last year. He remembers that much. And when we vaugely discussed it at some point, it became concret in his head. But he forgot to inform anyone else.
So I frequently get these "Did you know we're going to dads for dinner???" phone calls from my sister.
She will read this and know exactly what Im talking about.

So tonight I got a phone call from dad.

"You remember Im picking up the boys on Friday right?"

"Uhhhh.... what?"

"Remember we talked about going to that farm a different day? And you said Collin gets home from school at 4:30 so I'll be there to pick them up Friday."

Hold the phone. We talked about going to the farm a different day. WE! Like all of us. And now I'm univited AND you're stealing my babies AND youre trying to make it seem like this was the obvious plan all along to make it look like I forgot like you ALWAYS DO?!
"Yep see you Friday Dad"

We mostly have just learned to let it go.
Yeah yeah, We're the crazy ones.
Its cool.

So in any case, I found this precious Eating Machine on the kitchen floor today...

So we took a photo!

Breakdown; Shirt-Old Navy Thirfted, Pants-American Eagle Thrifted, Belt-Thrifted, Boots-Meijer, Necklace-Walmart

I enjoy how he was trying to hook his toes in my belt and strangle me with my necklace the entire time.

Thats Love.


Rj and Emily said...

Sooo Dad will talk to me like he can just pick Keegan up whisk him away to do fun things and not mention that I HAVE to come. Like, "so we are going to the campground this weekend, keegan is comming with" uhhhhh, I'll sleep outside then?

Meagan said...

I'm sorry things are like that with your dad! It can definitely be difficult dealing with parents at times. I love your boots and the pops of color in your necklace and belt though. Thanks for linking up!

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