Monday, February 7, 2011

Car Repairs and Reading

My trusty rusty Volvo Wagon has been out of commission for the last week. It just wouldnt start.
I can do some car related things but not many so I called in reinforcements in the form of my step-dad. After 2 hours he had made no progress either.
Today I broke down and had it towed to the repair shop up the street.

$210 later, it was Spark Plugs.

4 dollar spark plugs.

At least its fixed.

I got my Coast Guard manual in the mail FINALLY so Ive been reading all day. If only the court system moved faster than a snails pace, we might actually be able to get this show on the road(ie. leave for basic).
It gets continually frustrating the longer I dont hear from anyone.
Basically Matt and I have to change our custody agreement in order for me to enlist. We are in agreement about the change. We dont want to pay to go to court and stand in front of a judge which we dont think is necessary. We dont want to pay to sit with a mediator because we also dont find it necessary.
We, two friendly adult parents, would mutually like to change our agreement in some legally binding way.
This blows peoples minds.

"WHAA?! You two dont hate eachother and want to have a long drawn out court battle? But EVERYBODYS DOIN IT!!"

Thats not how we roll.

There has to be an easier way but no one even seems to understand the question to begin with.

Its just what we do.... Blow peoples minds by being logical nice ex spouses.

And now, back to diligently reading what I'm in for with the U.S. Military.
(I learned those reading glasses arn't allowed. High Five for blindness!)


Mamarazzi said...

i think it is funny how people don't think you can be friendly with an ex. i think it is imperative when their are children involved.

bummer about the spark plugs!

Rj and Emily said...

I would just like to say that even 9YEARS LATER that sweater is still MINE! You may keep it because you can fit into and I cannot(esp not in my current 9mo pregnant state) but SOMEDAY I will take it back!

But damn you should be happy that you can fit into something I wore in the 7th grade!

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