Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Rediscovering my Redneck Roots

This is a safe place right?

I mean you guys would never tell my secrets would you?


Redneck is deeply ingrained in my genes. Its a part of who I am that Ive been suppressing for a long time.

And by 'long time' I really mean 'my whole life'.

I was born and raised in the country and I HATED IT.

Then I met The Redneck and 37 of his closest friends.
Hes gentlemanly, hes fun, hes smart.
He is Young.

They are all young. Ive been nicknamed G which is short for Grandma.
They are always together, always having fun, doing something crazy, and usually drinking.

My poor liver cant handle all that.

But Ive very suddenly become incorporated into the group and specifically recognized as coming as a package deal with The Redneck.

And Ive been reconnecting with my redneck roots.... and enjoying it.

I'm a 4inch heels out on the town kinda girl, or a bikini at the beach kind of girl. I'm not a 4 wheeler riding, bonfire starting, cheap beer drinking, tinkering in the garage kind of girl.
But I'm dabbling in it right now.
And its FUN.
Even more than being fun, its EASY.

This is not my forever, and The Redneck probably isn't the man of my dreams but, damn am I having a good time.

p.s. I quit smoking on Sunday. Wooo!


Kristy said...

Just have fun! I find that as I get older, I appreciate things from my youth that I didn't appreciate at the time. said...

Look at you getting down with your redneck self!
I've been know to let loose redneck-style on the occasion myself. It IS fun ;)

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