Sunday, January 30, 2011

Common Side Effects: Awesomeness

So thanks to the help of modern chemistry, Ive been sleeping at night.
Ive been taking a tiny tiny little ativan at night to sleep. Uh, it works but in a really coma inducing kind of way.

So in anycase, I looked up the side effects and drug facts and say that lazyness is a side effect because well.... it makes you want to stare at the wall with your mouth hanging half open for a hour, true story.

I'm not doing this "slip into depression, become a waste of space" thing. I decided, everytime I felt crappy, with a lump in my throat, or mistyness starting in my eyes, I was going to work out.
As hard as possible for as long as possible.
Its effective actually. I mean I still cry, I just do it somewhere around my 50th lunge or sit-up or something.

I have goals damnit. Not weight goals, fitness goals.
ok actually the U.S. Coast Guard has fitness goals and I have to meet them.

and maybe i'm doing that thing every girl does where we decide we're going to embody poise, grace, and beauty, just in case we see our ex someplace.

Ive also decided I will only work out in this outfit. Spandex is a motivator for anyone to get in shape.


Kristy said...

Ativan is WONDERFUL for sleep! I used it for a time. I was worried about going off of it and my body being dependent. I took it just for sleep. Now I am off of it and doing fine. It sure was nice to have while I needed it though. Hugs to you while you are going through a hard time.

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